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Digital Design Services

Website Design or Revamp

Businesses are expected to have a home on the web in this day and age; a website that reflects their message, their services, and their ethos. If you’re without a website, you’re missing out on a big opportunity and advantage that many of your competitors will have.

Perhaps you have a website, perhaps it was made a decade ago and it no longer reflects the brand identity or is lacking in tools or functionality that is status quo today. EDICO has solutions for businesses of every size and industry, no matter what your current websites status is. Whether you need an e-commerce site with hundreds of problems or a landing page with essential information, we provide fully functional, fast-loading, and SEO-optimized websites for you.

Logo Design

A logo is an art form. It should give users an idea of what your business does, what your style is, and must be scalable (able to be blown up to the size of a billboard or shrunk down to the size of a stamp). If your business branding is still relevant but you would like a new or refreshed logo, EDICO is here for you.

We deliver your logo in black and in white, different combinations of logomark and typemark, as well as with any RGB/CMYK colours you want included; in all the file formats you could need!  We can also animate your logo for use on the web and social media!

Graphics Design

Graphics come in many shapes and sizes. Some example you will probably recognize include social media graphics, promo graphics, infographics, pamphlets, business cards, posters, t-shirt graphics, invitations, youtube thumbnails, banner graphics, flyers, custom greeting cards; the list goes on and on.

Whatever you need to move your organization forward, EDICO can provide. For projects with web graphics, animation and movement is also an option! Request a quote today to order the graphics you need to level up!

Product Label and Packaging

Products. They are the bread and butter of many businesses. Just like the branding of your business, the packaging or labels your products wear can get consumers to stop in their tracks or keep walking/scrolling past.

Here at EDICO, we take your business seriously. We are dedicated to our clients and their goals. We partner with you and listen to your input because you are an expert in your business. We know that contributing to the well-being of our clients contributes to the well-being of the community.

Branding Identity

Are you just starting your business and needing a brand identity? Or perhaps you are tired of the same old visuals and aching for a rebrand?

EDICO is here to help you. We analyze every single element of your existing business branding, top to bottom; The shapes, colours, movement, and use of space tells consumers all about your business…all perceived in one quick glance. There is psychology behind the visual messaging of every logo, every advertisement. At EDICO we translate your message to the masses with a cohesive brand identity.

Consulting Services

Logo. GIF. Graphic. Heard these words but not sure what they mean? Know you want to draw more customers but not sure how to do so?

EDICO offers consulting services to assess your current advertising and marketing assets in order to make recommendations on how you can take it to the next level; with or without us. If you are just starting out and have no branding assets for us to review, we do an assessment about your message and intentions as well as your budget to make recommendations of next steps.

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